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Determination of Separation Date

Divorce Order In order to legally end your marriage, you need to get a divorce order from the Court. Separation is the first step to obtain a divorce. Valuation Date Pursuant to the Family Law Act, the separation date is the valuation date for the purposes of...

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Child Support Termination Date

Child Support Obligation A parent has a legal duty to support a child, who is: under the age of majority, or over the age of majority but unable, by reason of illness, disability or other cause, to obtain the necessaries of life. Ontario Family Law Act Section 31(1)...

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Retroactive Child Support

Child Support A child is eligible for child support and parents have an obligation to support a dependent child. Child support is determined by the Federal Child Support Guidelines. Each province has a table under the Federal Child Support Guidelines specifying the...

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Property Division

Equalization In Ontario the Family Law Act, provides for the equalization of net family properties for married spouses. Equalization means that at the end of a marriage, all of the assets and debts that each spouse accumulated during marriage must be calculated to...

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Parental Alienation

Separation and divorce could be emotionally devastating for families. Children suffer as a result of their parents fight over custody and access. In high conflict custody and access cases, parents engage in “parental alienation.” Child Protection psychologists opine...

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Common Law Relationship

Common Law Relationship vs. Marriage Many couples choose to cohabit rather than marry, it is important to be aware of your rights and obligations in a common law relationship versus a marriage. Spouse In a common law relationship, one becomes a spouse after three...

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